Viomedic is the leading provider of ventilators, medical equipment, medical oxygen and breathing apparatus, comprehensively meeting the needs of patients with respiratory problems. Its products are always accompanied by comprehensive technical support, carried out by its partners’ certified technical support team, installation services and end-user training care.

Since 2017, Viomedic has been ensuring the quality of its products and services, covering holistically its customers’ needs in the fields of respiratory medical equipment, breathing apparatus and medical oxygen, by establishing partnerships with the leading manufacturers in the field, who invest in modern medical technologies and innovation for integrated care of the patient with respiratory problems.

Through the continuous training of its staff and by strictly following the highest quality standards, Viomedic and Viobreath are the two members of an innovative group that provides official and certified technical support services for its medical product in Greece, meeting all the demands with speed, reliability and flexibility. Both the 24/7 technical support line and the experienced technical support teams are always on its customers’ disposal.

Why choose Viomedic?

Viomedic’s goal is to provide every patient with respiratory problems with all the modern medical solutions that ensure the comprehensive coverage of their breathing support and quality in their daily life, as well as the immediate technical coverage for the installation, training and maintenance of their breathing apparatus, as a partner with Viobreath.

The highest quality in breathing apparatus

We choose reliability and innovation in providing leading products to support patients with respiratory problems, focusing on the comprehensive coverage of their needs and the quality of their daily life.

Direct and comprehensive technical support

The 24-hour technical support line is always at your disposal, while, as a partner with Viobreath, Viomedic ensures, through this collaboration, the immediate repair or replacement of your equipment.

Breathing apparatus Installation & End-User Training

Viomedic, through this collaboration with Vobreath’s specialized team, provides its customers with both training on breathing apparatus proper use and its installation.

Contracted with the Greek National Health Service Organization (EOPYY)

Viomedic is contracted with the Greek National Health Service Organization (EOPYY), ensuring that you can use your approved voucher to rent the required breathing apparatus.

Top solutions for respiratory support

Browse all Viomedic’s product categories including top medical equipment, medical oxygen, breathing apparatus and comprehensive solutions for patients with respiratory problems.

Όμιλος Viobreath Viomedic

A group of companies for patients and professionals

Viomedic is the specialized company providing equipment and support services, focusing on comprehensive coverage of patients with breathing problems. Together with Viobreath, the B2B and technical support provider company active in the field of breathing apparatus and related medical equipment, they form an integrated group, which aims to cover B2C and B2B needs holistically.

Together, as a team

Together, Viomedic and Viobreath, continuously invest in modern medical technologies to cover the needs of people suffering from a wide range of respiratory problems.

Through quality, expertise and cooperation with the leading manufacturers of respiratory equipment and breathing apparatus, Viomedic provides direct and comprehensive customer services, while Viobreath undertakes all B2B services for professionals in the field of medical respiratory equipment, as well as the comprehensive and certified technical support.

Quality Certifications

The Viomedic and Viobreath group of companies aims to cover comprehensively its customers and partners’ needs, supplying them with top products and providing high quality services, certified in Quality Management of Medical Devices, Management System and Good Distribution Practice of Medical Products and Medical Devices.


ISO 9001:2015 for the Management System and the Quality Management of Medical Devices


HTCert: Ministerial Decision ΔΥ8Δ/Γ.Π. ΟΙΚ/1348/2004 for the Good Distribution Practice of Medical Products and Medical Devices